Distance Learning

April 6th Return to School Information

Parents/Guardians - Please see the link below for important information regarding the return of students on April 6th, 2021.

April 6th Return Information

In addition, the following new daily schedules will be effective beginning April 6, 2021.

 Please click your child's grade level button below to access their daily schedule.

2020-21 Chromebook Distribution

If you were unable to pickup a Chromebook during our deployment, please call the office at 702-799-7510 to schedule an appointment to pick one up. We want all of our Broncos to have the technology needed for their 1st day of school.  

How to Access Your Distance Learning Class

Step 1 - If you are using a school-issued Chromebook, make sure it is connected to your home’s wifi, and sign in using your User ID and password (see the “What is My User ID and Password?” message below if you need help). You may need to click “Add Person” or “Sign Out” in the bottom left corner to get to the Sign In screen. Click here for a tutorial.


Note: If you are NOT using a school-issued Chromebook, you can skip Step 1 and go directly to Step 2.


Step 2 - Open your web browser (preferably Google Chrome), go to clever.ccsd.net, and click "Log in with Google."

Note: If you are NOT using a school-issued Chromebook, you will need to sign in to your Google account at this time. Logging in this way requires you to enter your FULL email address (example Mary.123456@nv.ccsd.net) and password as described below.

Step 3 - Once you are in Clever, scroll down and click the Canvas icon.


Step 4 - Once you’re in Canvas, you should see your teacher’s class tile. Open that class and look for a link to connect with your teacher in a Google Meet live meeting.

You did it! 

What is My User ID and Password?


Your User ID is the first part of your student email address. Example, if Mary’s email is Mary.123456@nv.ccsd.net, then her User ID is Mary.123456. 


Your password is your birthday digits in the YYYYMMDD format. Example, if your birthday is December 9, 2006, then your password is 20061209.


Parents can find their child’s email and User ID by going to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, clicking “More” from the left menu and “CCSD Standard Accounts" from the middle menu.

If you need to reset your password, you can do so by contacting the front office and asking for a password reset or by clicking here.

Need help logging on to your Chromebook?

Click the image below for directions on

How to Log On to Your CCSD Chromebook.

How to Log On to Your CCSD Chromebook.jp

Accessing Clever

Clever is the application all students will use to access their distance learning management system known as Canvas. The easiest way for students to access Clever is to go to clever.ccsd.net or by clicking the icon below.


See link below for some Online Resources and Parent/Family Videos from the Family and Community Engagement Services (FACES), a CCSD partnership.


 Online Resources and Parent/Family Videos

For more information, please visit the link below which contains some very helpful information regarding distance education in CCSD for the 2020-21 school year.


 Digital Family Guide for the 2020-21 School Year.