3rd Grade Team

Rosa Bryner

Bryner, Rosa.jpg

            Hi! My name is Rosa Bryner. I have been teaching for 16 years. I taught 1st grade for 10 years and 3rd for 6 years. 3rd grade is my favorite! I graduated from UNLV. I earned my masters from Lesley University. 

            I enjoy spending time with my family. We love going to parks, movies, restaurants,  and playing games together at home. I also enjoy spending time cooking and hanging out with my friends. I enjoy reading People magazine or watching anything true crime. 

            As your teacher, I will love you and do my best to teach you the best I can. We will do fun science experiments together, read interesting stories, learn new strategies and concepts in math, and learn to be great writers! I can’t wait to meet you!

Lindsay Hameloth

Hameloth, Lindsay.jpg

            Hello, my name is Ms. Hameloth. I have been a teacher at SRJ Bailey for several years. This is my sixth-year teaching 3rd grade. I have a master’s degree in Elementary Education. I enjoy spending time with my family, being outdoors, and reading. I am looking forward to a great school year!

Clay Heckler

Heckler, Clay.jpg

            Hello everyone. My name is Clay Heckler and I have been teaching at Bailey Elementary for ten years now. I have been an elementary school teacher for 24 years. I was born and raised in Great Falls, Montana. I attended college at the University of Montana in Missoula, and moved to Las Vegas with my wife Erin in 1998. I taught 2nd grade for 14 years and now I teach 3rd grade.

            I spend a lot of time in Montana. Most of my family still lives there. I enjoy relaxing at my cabin near Eureka, just south of Canada. I enjoy horseback riding and taking my mountain bike out in the desert.  I also love classic cars. I own a 1969 Lincoln Continental, and a 1978 Lincoln Towncar. I enjoy taking them to car shows and talking with other car enthusiasts.

            As your teacher, I will provide an exciting classroom with engaging activities and memorable lessons. We will learn what I call “motivators,” and we will make new friends. I look forward to meeting my new 3rd grade family.

Sabrena Kublal

Kublal, Sabrena.jpg

            Hello everyone! My name is Sabrena Kublal and it may be hard to believe, but I’ve been teaching 3rd grade at Bailey Elementary School since it opened in 2007! I was born in Brooklyn, New York but I grew up in Johnston, Rhode Island. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Rhode Island College in 2006 and moved to Nevada in 2007. I also have a master’s degree from Grand Canyon University!

            I talk to my younger brother, who lives in Rhode Island, a lot and I love to visit my family in Rhode Island. Did I mention that my mom has 9 siblings and my dad has 10 siblings? I have 29 first cousins! That’s why I also go to New York and Canada. For fun, I love to read, draw, shop, play with my dog, and take walks with my dog. My dog is my giant fur baby! Other things that I love include Star Wars, Harry Potter, dancing, Bollywood movies, shopping, superheroes, coffee, tea, chocolate, and TEACHING!

            As your teacher, I will work hard to make learning interesting! Be prepared to do some fun science experiments, read all sorts of stories, write in different ways, learn new math strategies, use technology, and watch videos I create just for you! I can’t wait to meet and work with you in 3rd grade!

Katie Sinksen

Sinksen, Katie.jpg

            Hi. My name is Ms. Sinksen. I have been teaching 19 years. My favorite grade is 3rd grade (I have taught it the most as well). I have been teaching in Las Vegas, Nevada for 14 years now. This is my 4th year at Sister Robert Joseph Bailey. I spent 10 years at Harley Harmon Elementary. I am originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I attended college at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, Minnesota. I obtained my Masters in Reading at the University of Sioux Falls as a Reading Specialist. I have certifications to teach gifted and talented classes and online blended learning.  

            I moved to Las Vegas, NV in 2007 after teaching 3rd grade for 5 years in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I have a daughter who is 5. My husband is a 2nd grade teacher. We love spending time in the pool together, traveling, going to play at parks, singing, and reading books. I’m very close with my parents. They live here in Las Vegas, NV as well. 

            As your teacher, I am excited to work on reading comprehension with you, try out some new hands on math strategies, and help you become an awesome writer. I also love science and social studies, which means we will be doing some fun projects this year. I love keeping in touch with families. I send out weekly information for families as well. I am so excited to be your 3rd grade teacher.